An Appeal to the World : The Way to Peace in a Time of Division

An Appeal to the World : The Way to Peace in a Time of Division


In An Appeal to the World, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet illuminates the way to peace in our time, arguing for a form of universal ethics that goes beyond religion - values we all share as humans that can help us create unity and peace to heal our world.


`I see with ever greater clarity that our spiritual well-being depends not on religion, but on our innate human nature, our natural affinity for goodness, compassion and caring for others'

In this urgent `appeal to the world', His Holiness the Dalai Lama addresses our time of division, calling on us to draw upon the innate goodness of our shared humanity to overcome the rancour, mistrust, and divisiveness that threaten world peace and sustainability.

Working with trusted collaborator Franz Alt, the Dalai Lama calls on the better angels of our nature to tackle a wide range of contemporary issues, from war, violence and intolerance to climate change, global hunger and materialism. Applying the techniques and teachings of Tibetan Buddhism - from listening and contemplation to meditation and nonviolence - His Holiness provides a roadmap forward.
Brief yet profound, An Appeal to the World is an inspiring message of love and optimism that can truly change the world.

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