Going Global : The Textile and Apparel Industry

Going Global : The Textile and Apparel Industry


Going Global provides a coherent framework for understanding the textiles and apparel industry in the context of the sustainability of supply chain and global sourcing practices. The manufacturing and distribution of textiles and apparel products is a truly global industry, making it crucial that students are aware of the most current political, social and economic developments within the international marketplace. This third edition includes updated discussions of ethics, social justice, and environmental responsibility; trade agreements; and the role and specialization of the world regions and selected countries that are major players in the textile and apparel marketplace. The text examines Europe and the European Union, the Americas and the Caribbean Basin, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia and Oceania with an increased emphasis on China, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

New to this Edition
- Increased coverage of sourcing with two new chapters: Chapter 7, Selecting Locations for Global Sourcing, and Chapter 8, Selecting Vendors for Global Sourcing
- Updated and new case studies in every chapter with added discussion questions to improve critical thinking skills
- Updated data in Part 3 for each country discussed, including current info on politics and economic development, trade agreements and statistics, plus sourcing and sustainability issues in each region

This current text will help students gain a holistic understand of supply chains and global sourcing concepts and practices.

- Includes chapter opening Learning Objectives, "Fun Facts", "Global Lexicon" glossary with key terms, and end of chapter Learning Activities
- Uses Li & Fung's conceptual model of a global supply chain
- An emphasis on sustainability in the context of textile and apparel production, distribution and consumption with current and relevant examples
- Over 150 photos and figures, plus an 8-page color insert featuring important maps in vibrant full color

Introducing Going Global STUDIO--an online tool for more effective study!

Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
Review concepts with flashcards of terms and definitions

Teaching Resources: Instructor's Guide, Test Bank, and PowerPoint presentations available.

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